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10 New Year's Goalie Resolutions

"10 Goalie New Year's Resolutions"

1. I will work hard to develop my "goaltending skating" so I can move quickly & easily into position in time to stop every shot
2. I will give my best in every game and never leave any game wishing I had worked harder
3. I will build my mental toughness so I do not get discourages by bad goals
4. I will improve my practice habits. My play in games will mirror how I practice and I will develop my best game habits in practice
5. I will accept responsibility for my play - good or bad
6. I will not lay blame with my team mates for goals that are scored even if they made the mistake
7. I will be a student of the game and always look to improve & work hard to develop my goaltending skills
8. I will be disciplined both on & off the ice and maintain emotional control at all times
9. I will practice good pre-game preparation so when I step on the ice, I am ready to compete
10. I will compete for every puck and never give up on a shot, no matter how impossible it might seem to stop it

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