Alexander Goaltending began in the mid-nineties and has been evolving every year since then.  When you train with AG you'll learn very quickly that it's all about “you".  We provide the support, direction, technical & career advice and leadership in your journey as a goaltender; you provide the motivation, work ethic, dedication & commitment. It's not about our success, or the success of our coaching staff, it's your success that is most important to us.  Because without your success, we have not accomplished our goal; "to make good goaltenders the best goaltenders they can be”.  That is the mindset & commitment we bring to the rink at every camp and clinic.  And, we intend to continue to live up to that commitment.

This is what we offer:

Summer Programs

Alexander Goaltending offers complete training programs for all levels of play at our summer camps with programs of various lengths in Moncton & Fredericton including Advanced camps and clinics at our Moncton location.


Like our summer programs, we offer several varieties of clinics throughout the year. All of our clinics are geared to a specific skill level in keeping with our belief that “one size does not fit all”. These are held at opportune times of the year to provide professional training to all levels & abilities.


Video: One of the key teaching tools today is video analysis. We use state of the art Dartfish to assess & analyze raw game video provided by the client or recorded by our staff. We also can conduct an on ice, prearranged skill assessment session which is done locally in Moncton.

Hockey Coaching Training: Sessions for Minor Hockey Association Coaches covering off best practices & techniques in training his/her team goaltenders.


Sign up to one of our programs today and work with one of our professional coaches including David Alexander, Goaltending Coach, Saint Louis Blues NHL