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Differentiating Yourself

In our last blog we talked brought up the topic of "net presence" and the impressions goaltenders give by their on ice demeanour. And we offered up a couple to tips as to how you might check on your own "net presence".

Today we are going to take a quick look at how to differentiate yourself from other goaltenders in your league/division and stand out from the crowd. Here it is worth repeating the comment often heard from recruiters and scouts...."at some point in time, they all look the same". So, here are just a couple of things that can help you not "look the same".

Become a better all round athlete - most pro goaltenders today are excellent athletes and some such as MA Fleury, Jake Allen, Jonathan Quick & Pekka Renne are exceptional. Being a better athlete will also improve your overall technical skills

Become better at puck handling - a goaltender who can handle wide rims and dump-in shots efficiently are worth their weight in gold and are a coach's dream.

Battle harder - put 100% effort into covering every loose puck; make the impossible save at least once per game

Calm & focused - remain calm and focused when confronted with adversity or when things become chaotic. No emotional ups & downs

Consistency - keep your play consistent throughout the entire game and from game to game

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