We believe first & foremost the need to view each student as a person and so we strive to make each point of contact with them a personal one while attempting to aid them in the successful pursuit of their passion. We accomplish this by going beyond contact at our camps & clinics to recognize their accomplishments in play and highlights of their personal life.

We believe that the position our students have chosen to play is a very individualized one and that everyone should be allowed to develop his / her own unique style. Although, we ensure students are exposed to the most up to date Goaltending Skills and do make suggestions, at the same time, we encourage the student to adapt, from that, what suits them best.

We do not believe that "one size fits all" and, as such, we break out our camps into distinct levels. This allows for age and skill appropriate drills & instruction from our team of professionals. Our approach is to challenge but not overwhelm the student.

Our mission

To be the most progressive Goaltending training organization in Canada by delivering up to the minute, leading edge, technical teachings through informed, trained coaches to our students/clients in a high quality, professional environment that is personalized and conducive to learning and improvement.

Our Vision

An organization where goaltenders who are keenly motivated & dedicated to improvement & development come to train & be inspired to be the best goaltender/person they can possibly be.