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Tips for your best tryout

Tips for your best Tryout 


  2. Show you are motivated to make the team through hard work (give you best effort every game & practice)

  3. Battle to stop every puck & never give up on a shot, “ANYTIME”

  4. Don't be intimidated by others.  Make sure you get your share of shots.  You need to warm up as much as the next guy/girl. But don’t be a “net hog”

  5. Head up, shoulders square.  Project a confident image...even if you aren’t

  6. Watch the body language...throwing your hands up on a goal, snapping your stick against the post, shrugging your shoulders or glaring at your defensemen DOES NOT earn you "brownie" points with the coaches

  7. DO NOT shoot pucks at the boards or go into some elaborate skating drill while waiting for your turn to receive shots.  Simply grab a knee and wait or do a little stretching & WATCH THE SHOOTERS & the other goaltenders in net

  8. RELAX

  9. Listen more than you talk, especially in the dressing room

  10. On the ice, be a loud communicator of traffic and situations for your D and supporter of your team mates

  11. On the bench be “a team player”

  12. Be intense but under control

  13. DO NOT attempt to change your game from how you did things all season just because you're in a try-out

  14. The number of goals you give up is not as important as WHY THE PUCK WENT IN

  15. Even in warmup be enthusiastic & upbeat...a tryout is no place for negative talk (either self-talk or otherwise)








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