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What is your "Net Presence"?

 What is your “Net Presence”

First impressions are important.  And your appearance, your reactions & body language are an important part of projecting who & what you are as a goaltender. 

Make no mistake, aside from the skill level, recruiters, scouts & coaches take a keen interest in how you "present" yourself and your "net presence" affects their perception of you.

Do you play super aggressive, over-play shots & continuously scramble and chase the play? This gives the impression that you may be in a “little over you head” and really do not possess the skill to play at this level.  Or, that you lack a sound technical base & that your whole game is based on being reactionary. (tough to have consistent success playing this way) 

Are you a goaltender who never leaves the blue paint of the crease not even daring to go out and stop rimmed pucks?  So, are you lacking confidence, skating skills or are you a very passive personality?  Again, this posture sends a definite message to those watching. 

Do you, at times, appear disengaged or disinterested during the game. (Wow!  What is the message here?)  Perhaps that is your way of dealing with pressure.  But observers will wonder, is that his/her “normal"?

So, let’s look at a couple of points.

1.Remain calm & focused after mistakes or goals scored
2. Keep shoulders back & head up to appear confident, ready, and capable
3. Show emotion after a goal, if you want, but be under control

If you are serious about this, you might do well to view a self video and see how you stack up against other goaltenders in that regard.  Or, elicit the help of an unbiased, reputable coach to give you an honest opinion of just how you project yourself in the net.

Perception is reality - to the observer.  Remember, no matter where or when you are playing, there most likely is someone (coach, scout, recruiter, or friend of) watching.   

Never underestimate the importance of your "NET PRESENCE".

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