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Will you be better tomorrow than you are today?

What are some of the “extras” you can do at the rink & beyond that will translated into improving your play on the ice and give you a better chance at winning?

Probably, if you asked 10 people, you would get 10 different answers.  However, it comes down to some very basis rules of thumb that, although, require a lot of discipline, will pay instant rewards

- eat nutritious foods.  Food is fuel for your muscles; no fuel, no energy

- get the correct amount of daily rest.  Same as food; no rest, no energy
- never skip or “tank” a workout.  What you don’t do today will come back to bite you in the future

- prepare thoroughly pregame & pre practice.  Pre-game/practice routines are invaluable to not only instill confidence, but get you in the correct frame of mind to compete &/or learn

- diligently work on your skills to perfect your game.  In practice, focus on the mechanics & movements of the skill & don’t just go through the motions.  Practice is not a social

- never take a "night/day off" at practice or game.  Work harder in practice today than you did in your last game, work harder in your next game than you did in your last practice

- keep an open mind to advice & correction.  Not to do so, could deprive you learn of another “tool” to improve your game

- be a "student" of the game; always in "learning" mode.  The day we know everything about goaltending is the day we stop learning and when you stop learning, you stop improving

- watch hockey! There is no better way to understand the game & how it affects your game, than to watch it being played

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