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What does it mean to be "Coachable"

I know this is not something most goaltenders have ever given a thought but, I can tell you, most certainly, it is a topic that comes up often in discussion among coaches, recruiters & scouts.   
Is he/she coachable?

Perhaps there is no more important quality in a player than to be eager to learn.  And, probably no quicker way to become a better goaltender. 

So, who exactly is the "coachable" athlete? I suggest it is the goaltender who WANTS to be in the net every second of the game; who ACCEPTS the fact that they do make mistakes and who LEARNS from those mistakes; who TAKES RESPONSIBILITY for their performance (good or bad); who SEEK out help from their coach or mentor and are ALWAYS looking to improve.  Their mind is open to new things & new ways to do things.  They take advice WILLINGLY, and though they believe in themselves, they understand that they are where they are BECAUSE OF OTHERS.  And, that they need others to become the success they desire to be.

A coachable goaltender is one who shows up at the rink PREPARED, whether practice or game. They are always ready to get better and want to be the best they can be. They are energetic and enthusiastic. They are first on the ice and last to leave and always looking to do more.  

And they give you their FULL ATTENTION when you speak to them. 

Unfortunately, I've seen my share of goaltenders over the past 27 years coaching WHO DO/WILL NOT accept constructive advice or the fact that there might be another way to do something or that something they are presently doing might be improved.  They will nod their head and appear to agree, but they are not really engaged in what is being said. And then they just keep doing exactly the same thing as they did before the conversation. 

As a coach this is has to be one of the most frustrating & disappointing encounters one can have.  

Without a word being said, they are telling the coach "I am not really interested in what you have to say".  The minimum here would be to at least give it a try.  

​​I trust none of this sounds familiar to anyone reading this because it has been my experience that these goaltenders really struggle to put any kind of meaningful goaltending career together beyond Minor/Youth Hockey.   
I suspect all coaches would welcome that the goaltender simply say, "I don't agree coach, I see it this way" or "I'd prefer to try this way, because...." or "Can you explain to me why this is important?”  At the very least this would produce some dialogue.  And, from that dialogue perhaps a common ground can be reached.

So, the message here folks is: unless you are already a "SUPER STAR" you better learn quickly to be/become "Coachable".

"The difference between a good player and a great player is that a good player thinks he or she is good, and a great player always believes they can be better, “A great player is an athlete who is never satisfied.”  Bob Deraney

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