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What is your "System"?

Beyond a certain level in hockey, all teams employ "systems". They are comprised of various defensive, attack & containment strategies designed to give one team an advantage over the other and subsequently produce a winning result. And again similar to "game plans" which we touched on last time, goaltenders have very little, if any, involvement in a team's "system".

So, does that mean that you, as a goaltender, should not have your own "system". Absolutely not.

Besides the obvious need for continuing technical and tactical skill development and improvement in areas where you have shortcomings, you really should have a systematic approach to your game outside the ice surface. Here is what we think a typical "system" might look like:

1. Stretch 6 days per week including before and after games and practices
2. Use a proven pre-game preparation prior to each game
3. Follow an in season off-ice training program – as prescribed by the team or a trainer/coach
4. Perform relaxation techniques (deep breathing) – 10 to 15 minutes every day
5. Practice mental imagery – before each game and at least two to three other time per week
6. Set a goal(s) – for each game & practice
7. Record practice notes (what went well, what didn't) after each practice
8. Record game notes (what went well, what didn't) after each game
9. Set medium and long range performance goals for your personal development

Perhaps there are some other things that could be added but these should be the very least if you are truly interested in path that leads you to play at the highest level based on your particular skill set.

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