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Foundation (Guest post by Matti Korhonen)

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5 Foundation Pillars That Separate Great Goalies From Average Goalies

Often I hear a question "How can I play in the NHL? What do I need to do"? In this article I will talk about the very basic foundation you must have if your goal is to play in the NHL. If you want to succeed in hockey or most likely in anything else in life, you must have this foundation.

1. Passion is where it all starts. That is the most important thing to have on the way to success. When you have passion for what you're doing you know what you want to do, you love to do it and you naturally want to give it your best effort. Passion is what drives us to improve and allows us to rise from average to great. If you have passion, you will do your best to become a better goalie, no matter your age, talent or skill level.

2. Faith is an essential part of a character of every successful person. You need to have faith in yourself and life overall because when you are trying to rise above the average, things never go smooth. People will be pulling you down, and they will be telling that you can't do it, especially when you're facing obstacles. That's why you need to have faith. If you don't believe in yourself and have faith, who will? When you have faith in life overall and you believe that with hard and smart work you can reach your dreams, then you'll have a chance.

3. Determination comes with passion and faith. Everyone knows there are no shortcuts to the top and nobody cares about your success more than you do. The only way is to work hard, smart and not give up. It is easy to work hard for one day, one week or even one year, but not year after year, all year around. If you are determined to work hard and smart for your dreams every day, sooner or later at least some of those dreams will come true.

4. Support from your family in the early years is extremely important because if your parents are not willing to let you try out for travel teams, to buy your equipment, pay team fees and do everything else that's necessary, you'll have no chance of becoming a great goalie. How can you have a chance if the closest people to you are holding you back in the beginning?

At some point you are old enough to make your own money to buy equipment, etc. and it never hurts to ask people to help. I think parents who consider that they can't afford hockey should at least try because there are hundred different ways to get sponsors and people to help. Usually it is pride that is holding them back from asking help.

Also, when you get older, you'll have to be smart about what kind of people you surround yourself with. Do your friends encourage you to train and try harder or are they trying to talk you into drinking and doing drugs on a Friday night when you should be preparing for Saturday's game? Does your girlfriend think it's cool that you play hockey or is she complaining that you have to go to the rink again when she wants to go to a movie with you?

People around you are like your mirrors and you will become more or less like them. Either they will make you a better person and a better goalie or drag you down. You have the power to choose.

5. Great coaching is what all champions, no matter what sport they play, have in common. Behind all great NHL goalies is a great goalie coach (or coaches) who has all those characteristics mentioned above and solid expertise, combining playing experience and formal coaching education. If you want to become great, you need to have your own goalie coach because when was the last time you heard of someone winning a championship without a coach? Almost every very successful person has had someone mentoring them at some point of their lives, not only successful goalies.

If you have passion, faith and determination, supportive family and friends, and you're lucky enough to find a great goalie coach who has iron strong expertise, then you have a good chance to become really good or even great.

Written by Matti Korhonen Founder of Goalie Force Academy For more free goalie tips like this visit




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