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The Hockey World is Continuously Evolving

The world of hockey is continuously evolving, and when that evolution is significant, it has an enormous effect on a goaltender’s game. 

The most significant aspects of late are how offensive strategies have changed.  

increasing slot line passes per game 
emphasis on puck possession 
emphasis on more shots from inside “home plate” 
increasing screening activity & now with multiple “layers”  
increased play low along the wall & below the goal line 

 And so, because of this evolution, what worked well in the past for some goaltenders does not necessarily work well today.   

Now the priority has become PLAY READING (what is commonly called “goalie IQ, but is just really plain old hockey sense) and becoming more adept at POSITIONING & REPOSITIONING as these plays develop and are executed.  

That also brings up a whole new set of soft skills including PATIENCE, which translated into goalie language, means HOLDING EDGES UNTIL THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT before the puck is released or the pass is made. 

It means better TRACKING with emphasis on visually following the puck from the time it leaves the shooter’s stick until it comes completely into one’s body &/or as it rebounds away if the goaltender is not able to retain the shot through a smother or catch the shot.   

TRACKING also relates to pucks that are passed within the defensive zone.  Being able to not only see and follow passes which are clear sighted, but also, passes in those instances where vision is impeded temporarily by a screen and the goaltender must attempt to “connect the dots” between the initial pass release and the point where it is received. 

So, I encourage goaltenders and coaches who work with goaltenders to implement the necessary training adjustments that will keep you (your goaltender) on pace with changes as they happen. 

"If you are not moving ahead, you are moving backward.  Status quo is not an option in goaltending"

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