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Getting your BEST game results

How can you give yourself the best chance at the game results you want? 

Playing a great game is not centered around a couple or one big or “impossible save” that stands out from everything else.
It is the sum of a series of smaller details you control that will put a positive spin on your game, even if your team doesn’t necessarily put up 2 points in the win column.

Sometimes you’ll do everything right (or almost everything) and still not win the game.

Here are some suggestions on how YOU can give yourself the best chance to get those 2 points. 

1. remember, you will never play a "perfect" game.  Set your sights on playing an "excellent" goalie ever played a perfect game.  (And, anyway, who needs the added pressure of being perfect)

2. game time is not the time to improve your skills, that is what practices are for.  Trust that your work in practice will give you the best opportunity for game success

3. it is okay to make mistakes.  Every game is full of them.  Park and forget them until the game is over

4. don’t worry & get distracted if your technique is not quite where you'd like it to be on that day.  Everyone has “off” days 

5. share the don't have to win the game all by yourself

6. focus on the goal(s) you have set for the game, not on the score

7. stay positive. Think about being successful

8. do whatever it takes to play well, even if it is "ugly" or not quite up to your usual standard. Sometimes you just must play "ugly" to win 

9. keep your thoughts simple. Don’t over-analyse.  You will only psyche yourself out

10. when on ice, focus on your performance as an athlete, not the score, mistakes or goals that go in

11. play for the team, but TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PLAY

12. don't worry about what others may think about your performance, there will ALWAYS be critics

13. don't ever assume you know what others, or your coaches are thinking; 9 out of 10 times you will be wrong

14. take the game seriously, but have fun 

15. don’t blame others or beat yourself up if you lose. That is the EASY WAY OUT.  Figure out the areas of your game where you might have been better & GET AT IT!  Even if you won, there are always parts of your game you can improve on.

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