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"Grit" will get you there

The world of a goaltender can be harsh at times.  It's no fun being on the long end of 10 - 1 loss or a 7-game losing streak.  Those can really test your "mental toughness".  Besides everything else it's embarrassing and, no doubt, a jolt to the ego.

So, let's look at somethings you might do to get a bit of your that "mental strength" back after you get knocked down.

Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself.  Really, self-pity is not going to get you anywhere.  And don't look for anyone else to sympathize with you (except maybe your family) or a very close friend or coach.  Don't continue to focus on the problem....what you need is a solution.

Maybe what you need is to just get back to basics.  All the good things you did that got you to where you are. 

Maybe what you need is a change.  A change in your routine; a change in ATTITUDE.  Whatever.  Change is not necessarily bad.  To be a successful as a goaltender you must be able to adapt.  

Different year, different team?  New challenges for sure.  Are they going to adapt to the way you play?  Maybe not.  Maybe you must make some small adjustment to your game.  If the game has changed are you changing with it?  Are you willing to change?

Don't get all out of whack about things you can't control.  If you can't control it, you need to let it go and move on.  What you coach does, how your team plays in front of you, the calls the referees make.  You cannot control any of that.  So, discover what you can control (habits, choices) and spend your good time making sure those are right.

Stop worrying about everyone else thinks.  (something else you can't control) At times, you just have to simply do some things that others don't like.  They'll get over it.

Doing the same thing day after day and expecting different results does not make a lot of sense.  Don't repeat your mistakes.  Learn from them, "park" them and make a change.

Don't expect immediate results.  Everything takes time.  Your development as a Goaltending and likewise developing mental toughness is a process.  It doesn't happen in a week, a month, or a year.  YOU NEED TO WORK ON BOTH!

Don't get frustrated because you aren't where you think you should be.  Understand where you are at this moment and then plan and work the plan diligently to get where you want to be.  Get help with your plan.  Going it alone makes for a tough journey.

At the end of it all, nobody owes you (or me) anything.  Sure, we might not think it is fair, but, it is what it is.  Make the best of it.  Give what you have everyday and don't dwell on what you think you deserve.  

(as a side note, I recently read the book "GRIT" by Angela Duckworth.  Her many years of research (and of others as well) lead to a proven conclusion that "grit" or mental toughness is the main contributing factor to success)

What is your "Grittiness" index?  

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